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About us

Our nail decals are made for all the fabulous nail techs, who want quick, easy and on trend nail art. Allowing them to create beautiful sets for their clients. These nail decals are used over the gel polish tacky layer then by adding top coat you seal that decal in making sure all the sides and all areas are covered for long lasting results. You also can encapsulate our nail decals in acrylic but you will need to seal the decal first in base coat or top coat to protect the decal from the monomer.

We are NOW Printing using white ink technology, meaning some of our nail decals can be place over any base colour. (Labeled opaque)

Best way to store your decals

To prolong the life of our decals :

keep them away from direct sunlight.

Don’t store decals were there is moisture.

Store decals out of the cello bags they come in.

Don’t leave them sealed in a bag without no natural air or light.

Get them out every now an then play and have fun get creative.

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