Wax Melts 

Creating your logo stickers, 

Make sure:

Check you have the right sizes you need for your product, my images are from past orders so make sure you measure and select the right size you need.

Square logo? but want round stickers make sure there is enough background space in your image so it can be cropped in a round circle 

Your image will need to be high quality and not screen shotted, i print what image you upload just because the digital image looks okay does not mean it will print out the same.

Don't see your image size you need? scroll down to the social media icons at the bottom of the site page, message me on instagram and ill see if i can print your size requests.



Make sure you select the right shipping at the checkout Royal mail large letter £1.70 is just for logo stickers only if you also order a mug or wax melts you will need to select Royal mail 1st class or 2nd class. if you select the wrong shipping for example order a logo mug but select Royal mail large letter this will result in your order being cancelled. 

Printing info

Please understand i will always try my best but during the printing process the printer will decide the colours from your image, I don't alter your image in any way. you will need to accept that variations in colours are inherent within the printing process compared to the digital image you send/upload, I can not guarantee that the product colours will match those displayed on your computer screen during the ordering process. some logos will be higher quality then others due to how the logo/image was made. Your image can also be slightly different on Glossy from Matte paper so if you intend use both papers just be aware of this. I print the image/logos that are uploaded please make sure your logo is high quality i will not issue refunds for low quality images or colour variations. Your image may not look like how the digital image looks due to low quality of image being printed on paper/card. Please also make sure your image/written is clear and does not match in with the background colours. 

no refunds for the following:

image being unclear. 

low quality image. 

colour variations from digital image. 

image on Glossy paper being different to how it looks on Matte paper.

background blending in with text due to text being similar in colour to background.

please note you are responsible for your own image.