Manicure Waterslide Nail Decals (spooky)

Manicure Waterslide Nail Decals (spooky)

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Manicure Nail Decal range is perfect for clients with manicure’s or small nail enhancements these go from small to medium in size.

Manicure Waterslide Nail Decals  s/m (spooky)

How to apply:
All my decals are translucent so will need a white or light coloured gel polish base colour.
1. Cut around the decal, to desired shape and size you need, also cut as close the the decal as possible.
2. Place the decal in water, or you can use a water soaked cotton pad for between 10-15 seconds.
3. Remove decal from the water and slide the image from the backing paper. You can use tweezers if this is easier for yourself.
4. Remove the excess water by patting the decal on a paper towel. Carefully place onto the nail an wait to dry
5. Apply your gel polish top coat to finish.