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Smile Line Nail Decals (night sky)

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Smile Line Nail Decals (night sky) 

For enhanced acrylic or gels small Medium to extreme lengths but cutting to size  22 per sheet 

Instructions for use.

1. Cut around the decal, as close to the design as possible.
2. Place the decal in water or onto a wet cotton pad with the image facing down for approximately 15 seconds.
3. Apply a white or light gel polish and cure. If you are applying the decal to an acrylic base, please make sure you use a light or white core acrylic.
4. Slide the decal off of the backing paper and blot to remove any excess water.
5. Apply the decal, you can use tweezers, a jelly stamper, or gloved fingers to apply. If applying to a gel base, you can apply the decal directly onto the tacky layer. If applying to an acrylic base, we recommend you prime the area with a small amount of acid free primer and then apply decal, this ensures a smooth finish with minimal air bubbles. If you intend on applying an acrylic ombré over the decal, please ensure you cap the decal in a gel base coat first then ombré your acrylic on top.
6. Top coat to seal.